Renewal of Multi Domain ssl Certificate

Hi everyone,

Please let me know the way to renew SSL certificate, if you know it.

Since the expiration date of our Multi Domain Certificate will come soon, we’d like to renew it.

Though Comodo Knowledge says we can go into the renewal proccess by clicking URL-link
in renewal reminder e-mail from comodo, we have never received the e-mail without changing
mail address.

However we’ve tried to find the way for renewal in account manager we usually place new or
replace order in, we did find ‘new order’ or ‘replace’ or ‘revoke’, but not ‘renewal’.
*we are webhosting reseller, so our ‘account manager’ may be different form customers’

Also, we have submitted tickets in support site, and sent an asking mail to sales,
but misunderstanding response as a replacing order or no response.

We’d just like to know how we can do renewal.