Renewal of an existing SSL Certificate [Resolved]

Is a renewal of an existing SSL Certificate done on the page “Web Host Reseller Options”. Like buying a new one?
Since I have no Server ID the existing certificate ist not listed on the “SSL Server Certificate Manager”. Or is there a way to find out the server ID on an IIS System? (and what about ab ProFTP-Server?)

Best Regards, JHP


I would recommend you to go through the below instructions to renew the SSL certificates that you have ordered!

Logon to your Reseller accout —> Web Host Reseller —> Place orders on behalf of customers through your Web Host Reseller Account —> Reporting Facilities: —> Run a report on your orders —> Reporting Facilities: and enter the order# that you want to Renew.

If you can not locate the specific SSL certificate, I would recommend you to Click on Place a new order for an SSL certificate ie, simply purchasing a new SSL certificate for the same domain name.

Server ID:-

Also, as of now we dont have the “Server ID” feature on our “Order Management System”. It will be implemented soon. But, we dont have any time frame on it.

ProFTP:- I think, it is an FTP software by which you can transfer the files between intenet sites. Also, please more specific on it and get back to us at So that we can assist you better.