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8)I am using IIS 7, and I need to renew my SSL certificate. I have been researching this, and i am seeing solutions all over the map. Can anyone give me a good procedure for renewing the SSL certificate? Thanks.

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I suggest you generate a fresh CSR. Our CSR generation instructions for IIS 7/7.5 can be found here. Our Installation instructions can be found here
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The “Certificate Service Subscription Terms” specify the following under RENEWAL:

[u]Renewal.[/u] This Addendum will automatically renew for successive, additional three-year terms (each a “renewal term”), except and/or until as set forth in the remainder of this paragraph. This Addendum will terminate at the end of the initial three-year term or the then-current renewal term (the “then-current three-year term”), as the case may be, if either party gives the other party written notice of termination of this Addendum at least 90 days prior to the expiration of the then-current three-year term or within 60 days from the due date of the first invoice for the then-upcoming renewal term, whichever is later. In addition, if Subscriber does not pay to InCommon the full amount owed for the first invoice for the then-upcoming renewal term within 60 days from the due date of the invoice, this Addendum shall also terminate and shall not renew.

For each renewal term, the then-current fee schedule as then published on the InCommon website will apply to determine the amount of the annual and other payments that must be made by Subscriber to InCommon each year during such renewal term. For each renewal term, payment of the first invoice for such renewal term shall be deemed to confirm Subscriber’s acceptance of the renewal of this Addendum for such renewal term at the then-current annual fees and other charges.

Double check if you have received the renewal invoice about a month ago, either by double checking email inbox or by logging under Certificate Manager | login page
(You can use the “renewal” feature in IIS as it actually generates a new CSR that you can submit as a standard request).

If the information provided to you do not help in the renewal process, you can contact directly InCommon Support for further assistance:

  1. (888) 256-2608 (from Mon-Fri 4AM to 8PM Eastern) - Select Option 3: Enterprise Solutions Support, then select Option 1: Certificate Manager or Digital Certificate Support
  2. and/or
  3. Discuss issues and help others on the email list.

Keep us posted if we can assist with any other information.

Thanks. I believe the certificate is free, and i don’t have an account with cert manager. I will try renewing through IIS 7.