Renaming of portsets


I simply renamed two portsets related to HTTP.

It seems that this caused a problem at the FW because I no longer had access to the internet.

All firewall rule sets that used these portsets were no longer working properly.

After importing the previous configuration everything worked again.

Is it bad luck or is it normal?

you can renamed portset, but this can do the firewall block connection or not function expected :-TU

Sorry my english!

The name update of the portsets did cause problems with the programs that were running at that time : I think problems with the firewall rulesets which use these portsets and therefore with the rules applications which use these rulesets.

As I am a bit obstinate I try again :

  • I disconnected my laptop from the internet
  • I update the name of the portsets
  • I revalidated the firewall rulesets
  • I reconnected my laptop to the internet

With this way of doing I had no problems.
Maybe I was lucky.

It is probably best to leave the default port-sets alone, and make new ones as you need.

It is indeed a solution.

But that’s still odd that a simple name modification of a port sets can cause FW malfunctions.

If so, then it is because some default rules make use of those port sets and when you change the name, it breaks those rules.

In general, if renaming of names or strings is implemented well then renaming should iterate throughout the whole program without causing renaming issues.
When a program makes copies of certain names or strings (so not referencing them) then things may break because the reference is gone after renaming a name or string.

I’m not sure how CIS handles renaming in general, maybe devs can shed some light on it.