Removing Screen Border

If I can find a fix for this problem, I’ve finally found my replacement for Opera.

When using a complete theme, CID places a thin border around the entire browser window. This includes the left edge of the web page, as well as the right if there isn’t a scroll bar. This is visually distracting. Is there any way to get rid of it and view webpages all the way to the edge of the screen like in other browsers?

It is possible to look at a screenshot?
Excuse. But it isn’t clear a little.
What border? Green color or what?

Here’s a screenshot. CID is maximized. I used a web page with a black background so the border would be more visible. In other browsers the web page extends the full width of the screen.

[attachment deleted by admin]

i dont think its possible to remove the screen border unfortunately

That’s disappointing. I’d otherwise use this as my browser. I was hoping there would be a way to do it since the default skin doesn’t have this problem.