Removing Geek Buddy?

Hope someone can help.

I don’t intend to use Geek Buddy and wish to remove it from my computer. It isn’t that I do not appreciate Comodo, but see no reason to have Geek Buddy on my system and wonder why it is so difficult to uninstall it?

I did a search for how to remove/uninstall GB, but the directions are useless. It advised I go to control panel and use the uninstaller, but GB isn’t even listed in the programs list to uninstall.

Doesn’t Comodo have a program to download that will remove Geek Buddy? I tried a forced removal using an uninstaller program, but had to reinstall Comodo because of it. Isn’t there a simple way to remove GB?


Hi egresor,

Thanks for reporting us,Let me know your CIS version please?


Thanks for response


Hi egresor,

Where do you see GeekBuddy installed on your machine when there is no sign of it on control panel? Do you mean the one given in pic or could you please post a screenshot.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Did not mean it was not there in the Comodo CP. I meant the Windows Add/Remove display panel.

The recommendation was to use Windows Add/Remove to uninstall GB. Think I found the removal directions here at Comodo? To use Widows Add/Remove to remove GB, Windows Add/Remove does not list GB to remove. Comodo is there, but I only want to remove GB.

I experimented by using an uninstaller program forced removal by folder uninstall, but it damaged the entire Suite and I had to reinstall.

Is there a small uninstaller we can download specific for GB or how can I do it myself? I’m not a critic of GB, just like a neat minimalist computer.

Thanks for the response

There is no specific uninstaller for GeekBuddy, but if you have reinstalled Comodo, did you not uncheck the option of installing GB?

Now you have me, but frankly I do not recall the option. Don’t want to uninstall and try another installation and look for the option, but maybe that is the only means. It isn’t like it gives me problems. Thanks for the response!