Removing Comodo Folder in Win 7 Task Scheduler

I can’t seem to be able to remove the Comodo folder in Win 7 Task Scheduler, even using an Administrator’s account.
Please advise.

Do you have a folder after deleting Comodo? Or what?
If you can not delete the folder.( after deleting). Drag the folder to the desktop and delete.

Hi abend,
Have you first deleted each individual task within the folder, this is required before deleting the folder within Windows task scheduler?

Yes, the folder is empty. I guess the uninstaller took care of that.
Thank you.

Hi abend,
Under view, select ‘Show Hidden Tasks’, in case a partially removed or corrupt task is hiding within the folder.
Do you receive any error messages when trying to delete the folder?

@ captainsticks: Thank you for answering.
I’ll have to wait until next week to get at the problem machine.
Have a good weekend.

Thanks abend, hear from you then.
You also have a good weekend. :slight_smile: