Removing a trial cert that is still valid on Apache

Hi all,
I have this problem with my site, that i am not able to get to the bottom of…
I have a site that was hosted someplace. It has a trial cert installed and issued to the site. The cert is still valid for another fortnight.
I moved the site to another host and got a dedicated server for it. The hos provided us with a certificate for server. I understand the that my site will still be able to use the cert as it is being hosted on this server. However in order for this arrangement to work I need to remove the old certificate which was issued to the site. I am not able to locate the cert though. My old host is somewhat reluctant/uncooperative to tell me where they put the cert to. I have ran a search on the site in order to find a file *.crt, but it came back with some file that was last modified back in 2006 whereas the certificate should not be older than one month.
Does any one have an opinion on the situation and how to find where the cert is?..I’dmuch appreciate a good advice…


In Apache the virtual host section of the httpd.conf file should tell you where to find the files, and the name of the files.

If that’s not possible, submit a ticket to support ( and they will be able to highlight further options available to you.
Please include the domain name so thay can locate the original order.