Remove not quarantined

Hi, when the antivirus detects a virus, how to remove (remove permanently) not quarantined? Help!

Unfortantely CIS no longer removes/deletes detected malware and instead sends them to the quarantine. However, you can delete quarantined items from the quarantine section see here Remove & Isolate suspicious files, Quarantine Files | Internet Security Help.

Quarantine has fundamental very good security; sort of like a cemetery inside a prison.

If you notice the barbed wire surrounding cemetery: prevents people from breaking in, while the barbed wire surrounding prison prevents people from breaking out.

Its much easier breaking into a prison than breaking out, while its harder to break into a cemetery than breaking out of one. But if you ask me, I think the security focus should be keeping the things inside the cemetary… :o

How to clear quarantine I know, I do not understand what prevents add the option to delete permanently, why keep the virus in quarantine, the quarantine is located on the system drive, and if the directory is not cleaned it grows in size, the double problem!

You could create a startup script and ■■■■ CIS Quarantine folder away at boot.

Open Notepad and enter this line:

RD /S /q “%PROGRAMFILES%\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security\Quarantine”

Where %PROGRAMFILES% is an environmental variable.

How to Add, Remove or Edit Environment variables in Windows 7

Save as C:\bugspray.bat

Click on the Start orb, and in the search dialog box type: gpedit.msc

Note: Most people forget to type the .msc file extension, consequently nothing happens.

When gpedit.msc appears in the search results, consider creating a shortcut by right-clicking and choosing either ‘Pin to Taskbar’, or ‘Pin to Start Menu’.

computer configuration->Windows Settings->Scripts->Startup->add batch script: C:\bugspray.bat

Quarantine folder will get created when CIS loads.

Hi alex cold,
It is not only malicious files that are quarantined, suspicious file may also be quarantined.
If a suspicious file ends up being safe after analyzing or a FP occurs, then the file is still available to restore.

Kind regards.

Where I write a request for addition of antivirus option to delete permanently, or it is not planned, and the developers do not care about users’ opinions?

Method is good, but I need to be able in the antivirus, as it is in the other!

Hi alex cold,
Of course the Developers listen to users opinions, if they didn’t CIS wouldn’t be the product we all have today.
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Kind regards.

Thank you very much, topic closed.