remove my account.. 31 March..

Im saying goodbye to all. And Im leaving all that has to do with computer security. Its not really my area. Even tho I belive computer security is important matter.

I pretty much got involved in comodo after being a “halfdecent” starcraft “hacker” playing around with debuggers, hexeditors and was learning programming. However my parents was to not allow me to code and sit and read programming all night. They saw my computer intresst as unhealthy. So they stole my internet and screamed at me all days and unplugged the internet, they even took internet with them to work so I wouldn’t sit there like some geek. I don’t know how many times they took my computer to their work. Eventually they broke me and destroyed my healthy intresst I feelt like I was never going to learn good code practice with this s****. So I started posting on comodo since that was all I had energy to do. They screamed at me still but I could post junk on a forum with them screaming however I could not focus on more advanced programming.

These days I got my own place so I can focus on whatever I want. Not a day too late. But I will always look back at those times as time destroyed. I didn’t get s**** done.

Anyway there is nothing for me to gain by lurking these forum and posting my BS. Also I need to focus on diffrent things if I plan on a future after having lost my job (a lot of people where I worked lost their jobs). Comodo makes good software and Im just spreading negativity these days. So Im leaving this forum all togheter when April starts, why April?? Cus I can’t just get my s*** togheter and just leave right away.

Oh well. After April there will be no more posts by commanding the celcius, its a promise to myself. Also I have noted a bunch of attacks on my network since I joined this forum “again”. Since I use my real IP prehaps there is some mod trying to have a good time. I hope that by “leaving” this will be no more, what I suspect to be advanced targeted attacks (prehaps Im just paranoid?).

What a silly thread. Oh well, good luck to everyone with their goals in life. And have fun. If I are to give anyone a last advice then it would be, try not to do the “wrong/uninportant” stuff too often.

Arguing on the internet is usually a waste of time.

If you agree, spend time better. Also please no post about me or this post being ■■■■■■■■ AFTER I have left, since I “can’t” or at least won’t respond anyway.

Hi mate.

I’m talking to you from personal experience here, I have deleted my account and come back about 7 times and it was for the EXACT same reason; “to get stuff done” - But I simply just kept coming back and back.

We are not going to remove your account, infact there is a policy that the moderators of this forum have agreed on we should not do that anymore. Allow me to give you some advice… You are focusing on past experiences, you are focusing on all the “negative” areas, well atleast being part of the forum. You need to STOP focusing on what you don’t want, what you want to avoid, what your afraid of, and REMOVE all that negative energy and charge you have around your past experiences/negativity aspects… and focus your attention for what you do want.

Here are some good first steps:

    • GRATITUDE: Start making a list of things to be grateful for, and start it right now. This will shift your energy and your thinking.
    • VISUALIZE: Try it for 30 days. Close your eyes for half an our to an hour EVERY DAY. There are 168 hours in a week and you will find time for half an hour just to do this simple exercise. To start off, close your eyes and for a few minutes exhale and inhale SLOWLY. Relax your self. Then start to focus on things like self improvement, and what you want your future to hold. See your self the live you deserve.

Now, these steps might sound stupid… but that depends on how bad one wants change. When you visualize, you materialize. Or to quote Napolean Hill: “what the mind can conceive it can achieve”. You need to be PERSISTENT at doing these steps and you need to feel positive as much as possible.

So, what I can do is change your password. I’m going to lock this thread, pls PM me if you wish to password change your account.