Remove .exe from quarantine

I accidentally added a program to quarantine folder. Once I figured it out, I removed from quarantine using the Gui, on comodo Antivir Confguration menu.
But the program is still not usable.

it is voipwise.exe (it says that is a virus)

I’m afraid you didn’t use the “restore” button ?
I think you have to reinstall the application, and can you please post the False-Positive here:

How to report False-Positives

yes I did, I selected the exe and pushed Restore.

is it wrong?

No this should place the file back to where it was detected…

so, something isn’t working.

the exe is usable only with Antivirus disabled.

When the alert pops up add it to exclusions list (You can also manually do this by CIS-Antivirus-Scanner Settings-Exclusions).

Also please submit the concerned file using the following web interface, so that the FP is fixed by CIS.