remove dragon

I reinstalled windows on my 64 bit win 7 in December and downloaded CIS 5.12. It is ful size 172MB and installer around 93MB. I must have not unticked geeks buddy and comodo dragon and have them too. Can i uninstall them without having to uninstall the Firewall as my pc runs fine now. Bit annoyed that they are preticked. I was in a hurry and did not expect to have extras. i think they should be left unticked so people have to opt in.

My home page is not changed even under IE. i use FF. If I have ticked submit information to comodo re cloud can I change that now without uninstalling the firewall

Comodo Dragon is in C:\program files x86 and CIS in C:\program Files

You can Uninstall them like any other programs through the Control Panel.

Thanks. Where can i see if I am sending info to the cloud

I have no idea about that one =/ Hopefully someone else does.

No problem thanks for your help