I just switched over to Open Office and uninstalled everything Works and Word related. Now I wanted to stop ctfmon from auto starting also but no matter what its still there. I found this handle little download. Hope this helps out anyone else who is annoyed by this program.

CTFMon isn’t really related to Word/Works. It will also be placed in autostart, when you install IE7 for example. It’s related to extended text services.
To get rid of it without any additional software, goto
Control Panel → Regional and Language Settings, Languages tab, click Details, select Advanced tab and check “deactivate all extended text services”. This will disable CTFMon!

Here’s the official method:

I have %windir%\system32\ctfmon.exe added to Interprocess memory access to All application policy

this way the number of alerts is dramatically reduced form early CFP versions

 Group: [All Applications] Treat as: [Custom Policy]

Access Right 0: {   Protected Files/Folders  }	Default Action: Ask
[0]  Allowed:	Group [Temporary Files]

Access Right 1: { Interprocess Memory Access }	Default Action: Ask
[0]  Allowed:	%windir%\system32\ctfmon.exe

Access Right 2: {   Windows/WinEvents Hooks  }	Default Action: Ask
[0]  Allowed:	%windir%\system32\msctf.dll
[1]  Allowed:	%windir%\system32\\browseui.dll
[2]  Allowed:	%windir%\system32\\ieframe.dll

No. It doesn’t.

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Thanks 3. After running that download from the link I posted does it go away.

Yep. That one worked.


@ 3xist: You have to check turn off the advanced text services

Thanks. I already used Chet’s tool So others can test if they want…


Works for me as described by BigMike.

I supose if you remove ctfmon you can’t see foreign scripts or type in them am I correct ?