Remove adminstrator account in Windows XP [Resolved]

Greetings all!

Windows doesn’t allow me to remove an administrator account, if it’s the only one present on your PC.
Can this be done in some other way? I’ll still have the original administrator account, which is enough for me.
Is there any way to completely remove the account? Not disable log in-access, or partially remove it.
I tried by using the System-account, but I can’t access the screen where you modify users.


I thought you’ve nLited it, but if what you’re seeking is (insanity) to remove all administrative accounts and attempt to login with one of the native accounts like System, then I don’t know.

I think the only way to delete an administrator account is to use another administrator account 88) Maybe you can delete in Safe-Mode System account ? (Or you have already tried that?)

That’s too easy. Something Rag already knows. He wants ALL administrator accounts dead.

What’s the point in not having at least one admin account ? 88) Safety ?


No, I want to only keep the default administrator account. But Windows doesn’t seem to count it as a normal administrator account, so if I try to delete the administrator account I’ve created, it won’t work, as Windows forces you to keep one administrator account.

Her’s a list of users:
Rasmus (limited)
TEMP (the administrator account I want to remove)
Roger (default administrator)
Administrat’o’r (guest account ;D) - Safe to delete I guess?

What I want to to is to remove TEMP, but without making Rasmus an administrator account.

Can’t you ask your father to log in and then you can delete those accounts ? ;D

Seeing as it’s my computer, he don’t have an account. Roger is the default one, that’s automatically created by Windows. I’m just confusing hackers, so they’ll ■■■■■ the password for my guest account. (:WIN)
But does anyone actually know how to do it?

So why are you afraid to temporarily give your (Rasmus) account Admin privileges ? 88)

Because if I do, the problem of having only a limited user on the computer persists.

You are sure afraid of hackers ;D Have you been hacked ? Don’t you trust CFP 3 to protect you ? >:( ;D

Now, aren’t we going a bit off topic? 88)
I’ve never been hacked, only hacked. And I do trust CFP 3, but the safer - the better!
Anyways, please stop posting if you don’t know any way to remove it (that works). We already have a topic dedicated for spamming.

Sorry. :slight_smile: I’ll shut up :slight_smile:

No ya won’t.

I’ll have to figure it out later on because I’m not at my own PC right now.

And can you make the default admin account show up in login?
The usual trick doesn’t work in XP Home (adding a DWORD key etc.), and the special trick for Home doesn’t do it either (going to safe mode, and entering a password for it…).

I’m getting really tired of Windows…

I’m pretty sure nLite has options that can allow you to start with the default Administrator as the only one.

Thank you Soya, appreciate it. Unfortunately, i’m not particularly inclined to nlite XP.
There has to be some reg tweak to do, somewhere, in a non-obvious place, well hidden from the user.
I just can’t find anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you can hold Shift as Windows boots up so it prompts you to select a profile, but yes there should be regedit settings. Just have to google some more.

Logging in as Administrator:

Yeah, i tried that, it won’t let me login.
The registry edit works to show me the Admin account in Control Panel (change password etc.), but not to log in.
Ctrl Alt Del allows me to try it, but it fails:

Unable to Log You on because of an Account Restriction

The solution doesn’t work, and i can’t say i expected it to work. Are they relying on a bug to kick in? lol
“funny thing, try this, it seems to work if it’s Saturday…”

I’m going to make my account limited, and i expect to see the admin account then. So it’s not the end of the world, but it annoys me a lot!
Then i’ll install SuRun, and probably ‘convert’ XP Home into Pro following tlu’s posts (Wilders member).