Remote service closed the connection

Not sure if this is the right place for this but didn’t see a trouble shooting section.

Sent someone an invitation for the Geekstein app. They downloaded it, installed it. They showed up in my console. I connected to them just fine. I can chat with them, launch apps and what not. But the only thing I couldn’t do is get the remote control to come up.

Each time I’d click to remote control, the person would allow it and then it would come back with Remote service closed the connection.

So just to take the person out of the equation I setup unattended access. Restarted the machine, got reconnected and then tried to get remote control. Still same response.


remote desktop should work no matter who initiated the session (the client or the technician).

could you please provide us more details about your systems configurations for both client and technician?
details like operating system, security software and so on…