Remote Program Manager

I am the de facto IT tech for over 10 pcs. (:NRD)

We have three pcs in our house. My daughter has her own and she lives with her mother. When my daughter comes to stay she brings a virus. Now I’m responsible for her mother’s PC too.

I’m responsible for my friend’s PC’s, and sometimes their friends have questions, and their friends. . .

I know I’m not alone.

Comodo could make our lives easier. I’ve gotten through everyone’s head that they shouldn’t download willy-nilly and they actually need to pay attention to Comodo alerts. But that just gives me more work.

Now I get panicked calls because Flash decided it needs to update, and Comodo issues a routine warning.
I could use Skype to see the remote screen (and I do) but I can’t control the remote machine and most issues nowadays are easily solved by changing the Network Security Policy, or the Computer Security Policy. But getting Grand-Mama to go through those steps as I guide her over Skype is a 45 minute comedy of painful errors. 88)

I used to use Soluto (I was even an alpha tester) but I just don’t trust that company; for reasons I can’t articulate.

Comodo has a pretty big head start, and more importantly Comodo is infinitely more trustworthy. It seems that all that would be necessary would be for Programs Manager, Unite, and EndPoint Manager to go to Mardi Gras, have a drunken tryst, and have a beautiful love child.

Make our lives easier please. I know I am not the only unpaid, defacto IT guy. I’m sure not the only person getting 3:00 am calls because Facebook chat wont load and Grand-Mama really wants to continue talking to that nice feller from the Netherlands. >:-D

Am I?

Would LoginPro or the RDP from Unite make your life easier?