remote locating is very inaccurate

This feature of CMS anti-theft is very poor. Compared to other anti-theft apps or even to Google maps, both without GPS, CMS is very poor, and sometimes shows location which differs from actual one very much. Recently, my friend though her phone was lost, so we performed remote locate command with CMS, and then we used Google Android device manager, which also gives you a possibility to locate your phone.( Find My Device ) Actually, it was far more accurate ( and indeed, the phone was found where it showed, not the CMS. BTW it was in her house 88) ). Of course GPS was turned off. Is there a way to improve a remote locating to be as effective as this from Google Maps or other anti-thefts?

Hi Morphiusz,

Thank you for the feedback. We are using best available technology on the device and also has some technology partnership to even improve the location. Let us investigate the problem…