Remote Locate Issue While GPS Turned Off

Hello there.

I recentely bought an LG L5 with Android 4.0.

I installed COMODO Mobile Security and successfully activated the Anti-Theft system. However, I noiced that when I text my own mobile through my buddy’s phone with the locate tag, it will reply saying it can’t locate at that time. I then tried enabling the GPS and it worked.

My question here is - isn’t the application supposed to automatically turn on GPS? Or, isn’t it supposed to locate even if the GPS is off?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Hi coldpumpkin and welcome to the forum!

First of all, there is no need to send remote command from buddy’s number - you can do it from any number.

On many Android devices it’s impossible for application to turn on GPS - because of a security reasons. CMS does it best to locate missing device even with GPS disabled, but it’s very inaccurate and sometimes impossible.

Hi, thanks!

I understand. Even if the phone is blocking the app from turning on the GPS for security reasons, is there a chance I can change that option?

Hmm…just have GPS enabled all the time - it will be working only if needed (you will see because of a little antenna icon in the status bar). However, it’s risky - any app can use GPS whenever it wants to.

This has been noted previously my myself in this post .

As a followup, Cerberus doesn’t turn on my data, it does turn on Wifi, and although GPS doesn’t show as on/active, the satellite locator icon does come on and it reports position relatively accurate.

Phonelocator Pro will turn Data and Wifi on when sent a locator command. Although it didn’t show it, GPS is supposed to be activated also. This, in my test, did not report accurately my location.

Samsung Dive does turn Data on and also turns GPS on when remotely locating your phone. This didn’t display a live Maps page, but will track movement. The accuracy pictured was within 50 ft.

The locate feature of CMS is a serious one that needs to be addressed.

My thoughts exactly. Also it requires some battery life for sure!

Thanks for your answer. How does the Samsung Dive display the location then? By the street/address name? The fact that it tracks movement is neat.

Either way I guess COMODO should figure something out about this, as you stated.

It displays a snapshot of Google Maps location.

If Comodo was installed as an Device Administrator could Comodo then* have access to turn on/off GPS?


Unfortunately not. Device administrator has no granted rights to turn GPS on/off.