Remote desktop session has ended. Error code 103

Remote desktop session has ended. Error code 103
This is the error message I receive when I try to remotely connect to to other components of my network but only 2 of them while with other 5 components it works almost perfectly (a bit slow). I gave to to everyone same instructions so I do not understand what could be. Any idea?

Another question: why do i see relay ip and ping is very high sometimes?

Thank you! ;D

im getting the same error 103?any help?any idea what a 103 is?

if anyone (dev)is watching or listening?when i click remote and enter the password on the pc i want to control the only way i dont get the error 103 is to select share app and check start interactive.if i leave it on start as veiwer(default) i get error 103?

Really no idea man, I still have the same problem :frowning:

Alexander_Doni, i cant believe there has not been 1 responce to this problem.

I hope this does not mean that it is impossible to fix, it would be really bad :cry:

if you have to uninstall it try teamveiwer(its free)

i have the same problem trying to remote controle a Windows XP Notebook (my platform is a win 7 64 bit desktop pc).

any idea?

additional informations:

i establish a connection to the “target pc” and request a “share desktop” session. the user accepts (i get the message, that i am now remote controlling the target pc). after ~3 seconds i get the message, that the remot session has ended with errorcode 103 :(.

chat / sending files / etc works fine so i wonder whats the problem…

the 1st post in this thread on this error 103 issue was posted on 08/31/11 and not one responce from comodo?the support for this program is a joke.use team veiwer it works and its free.

well i begin to wonder why comodo doesnt say a single word about this issue.
if they at least would tell us what exactly is the meaning of “error code 103” so that we could debug it ourselfs (if its not program but platform related, maybe because of CIS, NAT, what ever).

because without a working Remote Desktop function i have NO NEED AT ALL using COMODO Unite instead of other tools which actually work…

junhua any idea on this error?


   Sorry I did not answer this in time.

   Error code 103 always means Unite on remote access requester's computer failed to launch remote desktop viewer.  
   Currently this happens when port requested for remote control is occupied by other applications, or some components of Unite is broken.
   Please try re-install or upgrade to last Unite to fix it.

tried again and i got error 103 and then after that got error 102?

using cis 5.9


Error 102 means Unite failed to make a connection on the computer you want to remote to.
Do you install any other firewall on the computer you want remote to, if yes, please allow Unite application in its settings.

cis 5.9 on that pc.

I had this problem when I had more than one computer logged-on on the same account. This is a serious design problem with Comodo Unite. Hamachi for instance gives each computer a unique name tag on the VPN, but Unite does not. So if you have more than one computer running on the same account, which one is receiving or sending desktop requests? All the computers are trying to access the same port. The only way to create a unique name tag on a computer is to create another account and log onto it, which means a different email identifier.


   If you had more than one computer logged-on the same account, all computers will list in 'My Computers' netgroup in Unite, with each computer's name, which you could find the computers' property.
   User could send desktop request to specified one computer by selecting it with context menu.
   Or you mean user should edit each computer's name in 'My Computers' list locally so he could identify them out, that's should be a good idea.

My solution was to check all access box’s in my server(Windows 2008R2) firewall access under the Comodo Unite program. The few problems I had in remote desktops was solved by doing the same with their respective firewalls too. Hope this helps.

On this issue I could determine what NEXT.
My error 103 I did not to be using the same account, but sometimes I get and sometimes not.
With PCs that have slow connection gives me more often than those with a faster connection, but in either ells me and is not an installation problem.
The only things I paid off so far were:
a) with another remote program to restart the pc that I want to access.
b) if you can not use the option a), waited 30 minutes and gave no mistake.
I hope this information will help programmers to solve the problem and can get a version that at least tell us more detail to users.

103 error is firewall ;D