Remote Desktop Disconnecting instantly after connecting.


I have two computers, and for this ticket, will just call them Desktop and Notebook.

I have installed the latest version of VPN onto both computers.
Both have access via the same Network.
have different logins, that have been verified, and Instant Chat works between computers.
On the Desktop Computer, I have enabled “Allow Remote Access” in the
Tools > Options > Desktop Control > Configure (Access Control) > Add User, select Password, and
enter password.

When I save all settings, then go back to the EasyVPN Screen.

Right click on other computers name, then select Desktop Control.

It comes up with

Waiting for Compaq to accept Remote Desktop Control request.

I then enter in the password and

Waiting for Compaq to accept Remote Desktop Control request.

Your Remote Desktop Control session has ended.

That comes up straight away.

To check the password, I do it again, and enter in a different password, and it tells me that the password is incorrect.

So the password is right, but it disconnects right away.

I contacted Comodo Support, who did not want to help me out, they said to put a post in the forums.

Does any one have any ideas?

Thanks, Chris.

I share your frustration

I can get past the password login problem you have only to have the remote desktop start to appear then when it does almost finish it disappears and logs itself off from the remote computer

I get the feeling there are not enough of us out there trying to use this product as previous queries on Easyvpn just stall on the Forum ( they get read)with no help offerred from other users or the team behind the product

Are any of your screens minimised when you do your thing as I found a minimised remote screen causes problems


This issue is being actively investigated by the developers. A couple of the mods are working on this with them, along with a transient CPU usage spike issue that appeared in the latest release.

Hang in there.

I’ll post more details as and when they become available.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Please keep us up to date with this issue, as I have many uses for this program, and wish it would work.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your valued feedback, please keep posting it to us as we are definitely listening.

There are a few intermittent issues appearing for some network topologies and speeds for some people. Our guys have been 100% focused on resolving this as quickly as then can with feedback and many thanks to our fantastic moderators who are delivering us valuable information.

The latest version has a lower timeout for some types of data transfer which at this time appears to be the main root of the problems experienced here.

Rest assured we’ll be releasing a new version as soon as we have confirmed this issue is fixed.

Kind regards,

Good to hear you’re working on it. Having the same problem testing on 2 computers connected to the same router in the same room. Just downloaded it, and installed it onto my computer, and my sister-in-law’s new computer that I need to send across the country. I doubt that I still have the previous EasyVPN version, but I’ll look. It’s been just 12 days since it was reported, but I need to send the computer out.

If it is often something that occurs on “some network topologies and speeds” probably due to “lower timeout for some types of data transfer,” should I expect the problem to disappear if I am connecting across the country instead of on the same router in the same room?

We have released a new version if this free product, please see here:

Please try it and report bugs to the “Bug Reports” section for this product.


Problem did not go away.

It was fixed when we tested Australia - Netherlands yesterday. Speed wasn’t what you would call fantastic however.
Ewen :slight_smile:

Any ideas of what I should look for? I also posted on Bug Report to describe a little more detail than what’s here ( ).

One XP machine and one Win 7 machine both with the latest release today and still as soon as the remote Win7 screen is fully visible on the XP machine’s screen the window crashes out, remote start again and each time it repeats as before

Is the newest release compatible with Windows 7?

Why does my IP address appear on my posts? Can you remove it please?

It is your IP and it is only visible to you and Moderators. No other members can see. I guess it is a reminder with a hint of annoyance that remembers the user he or she is not invisible on the web. As far as I know you can’t disable it.

After leaving easyvpn for a week or so, I went back to it this morning and found a way around the disconnecting problem: in Tools/Options/Desktop Control I set the performance slider all the way to the left - speed. The remote desktop loaded faster but still disconnected after about 10 seconds. However, if I did an action on the remote desktop - opened a browser - the connection remained open even if I didn’t do anything else. I was able to do some work on the remote computer. However, there are still some issues:

  1. Since the performance slider is set totally for speed, the quality of the remote window is pretty low.
  2. I had winamp loaded on the remote, in roll-up mode and could not get to see it.
  3. The connection is very slow.
  4. when I clicked on sound on in the vpn connection window, the connection crashed after 10 seconds.

I have not done any further testing yet. Would be interesting if someone else could check this out on a different system.