Remote Assistance

If I require remote assistance from another computer, how do I setup Comodo to allow this?

Welcome to the forums, Laserjim!

That depends.

If the two machines are part of the same LAN, then it is easy. You create a firewall rule to allow inbound traffic to port 3389. That’s assuming the firewall rules you have aren’t allowing the connection to be made. If things aren’t working, and the two machines are on the same LAN, then I’ll need to see what your Global Rules are. To see those, open CFP and click Firewall → Advanced, Network Security Policy, the Global Rules tab. A screenshot would be fine.

If the two machines are not on the same LAN (for example, one at home and one at the office), then things are considerably more complicated.

For a comparison, Windows remote desktop and remote assistance are slightly different, but use the same protocols. There is another topic in this forum about how to allow a remote desktop from a very non-local machine. It can give you a sense of what is involved. See If this is the situation that you’re trying to work with, the setup will get to be a tad involved.

For reference on Windows remote assistance, I’ll point to and to Remote Desktop clients for Remote Desktop Services and remote PCs - Windows Server | Microsoft Learn