Remote Access

I have recently moved from ZoneAlarm and need to configure Comodo to accept remote desktop access from a Ubuntu laptop…I have tried looking through the help files and can’t even work out the basics!

I have found a few ‘tutorials’ but they are meaningless to me. They do not even say where I need to go to set up a rule! And to be honest the Comodo ‘front end’ looks as complicated as hell.

Can some kind sole please explain in plain english please? Is there a manual to start with as I cannot even find that.

Many thanks

The most important suggestion is:

Go one time through all windows and tabs. Look what its there. Try to understand. You can set another language too.
I bet you will be one step ahead after.

Otherwise people would have to describe what you will see, before you see it :slight_smile:

In order to allow remote access, you need to create an exception rule in global rules (as specific as possible).
And one rule in the application rules for the specific application that has to accept the remote traffic.

Global rules are usefull to block things that you dont want to care about. Like usually unrequested "ingoing"traffic. Thats why i would suggest you to use the stealth port wizard setting 3.
Your exception rule has to be above the block rule.

Lists are read/valid from top to bottom.

Normally you dont need INgoing rules for things to run. Only if you desire to accept specific unrequested ingoing traffic, like personal remote access. Those rules have to be as specific as possible! Or you are creating holes.

In each window you will find a “What is this window about” link. Thats better than a manual, because you read about what you actually see :slight_smile: