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Certain programs I open keep giving me the same pop-up for allowing them. Take for instance, Flipping PDF Reader. I get the normal pop-up when I first opened the app to read a pdf file. A couple of hours later I’ll open another pdf file and the same pop-ups for allowing the app and so on will cycle again. I thought if I checked the box to remember my answers to the pop-up it would leave me alone, but the same series of pop-ups seem to cycle for certain apps over and over. It’s like the program,(Firewall) is not remembering to trust the app when I click to remember.

Do you have the sandbox disabled? Are the PDF’s on a USB or other external device (locations on a network or external HD’s of encrypted drives/partitions…).

Sandbox is disabled and the PDF’s are all on a Primary partition. I must’ve had like 6 separate pop-ups on one pdf alone. First it was the parent app and then something else and then something else. All were parts of this pdf app. It’s called, (Flipping PDF Reader) and it’s actually a pretty nice little app. That aside, are there any other reasons that this is happening or is the Sandbox supposed to be enabled. I just don’t understand why so many prompts from this Firewall.

I actually thought you were cussing and making up the name when using the name Flipping… :smiley:

Are you using D+ in Paranoid or Safe Mode?

When being asked the same questions for the same file or program look in Defense + Rules. See if the newly made rules are in a place somewhere underneath a rule called “All Applications”.

If the rule(s) are there you have to move it to a place somewhere above the All Applications rule. You can drag and drop the rule. When a rule is somewhere underneath the All Applications rule it will follow the rule set by the All Applications rule; it is subordinate and it will not follow the rule you made.

Instead of moving rules you could remove the “All Applications” rule.

I sent you a couple of Snips of what the D+ Rules box looks like. As you can see there’s nothing at all under the Application rules and all thos pdf rules that you said had to be at the top are. They come up as Custom Policies. The pdf rules that are all in a line there look as though they are Temp and run in AppData instead of ProgramFiles and what you can’t see is that they all run as .bat which if I’m not mistaken is a batch file. I’m pretty confused now as you can probably see. I switched everything in those boxes that were in Program Files as Trusted Applications instead of Custom Policies which for some reason they were labelled as.

By the way, It was running in Safe Mode. Made me laugh about that Flipping pdf reader too. Check things over and tell me what you think.

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I think the problem may be with FPDF. It seems to me that each time you open a PDF in FPDF it will make a new temp file in the temp folder.

Best thing to do in that case is to give FPDF the Installer/Updater policy and make sure it is somewhere above the “All Applications” rule.

Isn’t that where it is now according to the snips I sent? Should I just edit it and call the exe file an installer or updater?

I would give FPDF the Installer/Updater policy and not the individual files.

WHen a program has the Installer/Updater policy it is allowed to start other applications several layers deep. I expect that would cover your situation.

It would appear then that you need to put that tag on a lot of these apps that give you more than one prompt. Does that seem right to you? The ones that use another part of their app to start something. I have the app “Your Uninstaller” and it also seems to go a couple layers deep and I’ve just been clicking “allow” up to now and I keep getting the same prompt. Maybe the same thing with that too?

Installer/Updater policy gives unlimited access to your computer. So, you need to be careful here. When giving the Installer/Updater policy make sure you know the program you give it to and that it is downloaded from reputable source. You can also check the program to the Comodo Cloud to see if it is a safe file.

The ones that use another part of their app to start something. I have the app "Your Uninstaller" and it also seems to go a couple layers deep and I've just been clicking "allow" up to now and I keep getting the same prompt. Maybe the same thing with that too?
You could use the Installer/Updater policy for Your Uninstaller. We also recommend it to people using compilers for example.

Although you give the program carte blanche it still cannot be interfered with by malware. That is because an unknown application cannot start FPDF or any other executable without your permission nor can it access other applications in memory.

I don’t usually DL a program without credentials and if I do find one that may be a little wishy washy I usually use “try and Decide” which comes with Acronis TI and is basically a Sandbox for you to try new software. I guess Acronis thought it would be a nice gesture to add to their True Image program. Go figure! lol!! Anyway, you’ve given me a lot of insight into this Firewall. It’s not likely that this will be the last time you hear from me. I’m like one of those inquiring minds! Can’t learn without asking, right. Do I ever feel sorry for someone trying to set and forget this Firewall. Like a noob computer user. Man would he go out of his tree or what?? This is not the easiest piece of software I’ve ever dealt with.

Asking questions surely works. We will answer them.

CIS does have a learning curve as you noticed. But once you understood and learned to work with the beast it will give rock solid protection.

When I sometimes sit behind another computer without CIS it makes me a bit uncomfortable not to be in control or in the know of what could be lurking underneath the hood of Windows … :wink: :smiley:

No strange thing that they have a “Paranoid” setting on this beast! Lol!! ;D

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