Remember sort selection

I like to sort my installed Programs by Date, but CPM always sorts by Name upon entry to the list.

The reason I would like this is-- I recently had a problem uninstalling Acronis True Image software, which was originally installed in two parts:

The first part was the main program called “Acronis True Image…”

The 2nd part was an add-on entitled “Plus Pack for Acronis…”

When I needed to un-install these, I forgot about the Plus Pack and uninstalled Acronis True Image… first. This caused me a bad problem, as I’d needed apparently to uninstall Plus Pack first, then ATI next.

Had the list been arranged by Date Installed, I would have noticed “Plus Pack” adjacent to “Acronis…” which would have triggered me (I hope) to uninstall the Plus Pack first, then the main Acronis.

As an alternative to the above, and maybe a nicer solution anyway, Give us users the ability to rename the programs after they are installed. Then I could have renamed them “Acronis Plus Pack – Uninstall me First!” and “Acronis True Image 2010 Main – Uninstall me Second!” or some such.

Thanks for considering this.

Thank you for your suggestion, will do.

I found the places in the Registry where these titles are located, and was able to edit them “by hand”. Still, it would be nice for CPM to make this easier.

It would be useful also to consider adding an editable Comment field for each installation, e.g. for the Acronis issue above I would write “Uninstall Plus Pack first and ATI2010 second”. For other programs e.g. for HAVA PC Player I could write “Installed MS SOAP 3.0, Visual C++2005, and Ulead Straight-to-Disc SDK as one package”.