Remember answer

When you add a rule by remembering your answer on the popup, is there a way to make comodo add a rule as shown on the popup instead of “Any”?

Please see attachment as an example. I click Allow on this popup, but comodo just create a rule and make it “Any”. This process can pretty much connect to anywhere after that, though I only intended to allow to this specific IP, protocol, and port that was shown to me when I Allowed it. If I wanted to Allow everything the process does, I would use one of the ruleset.

You have to go to the advanced settings to manually configure the desired rule

I know this is possible but I was wondering if there was a setting Im missing since it makes more sence to allow only what I see, or I can just apply the allow all ruleset. Writing down the info everytime and editing it is not convenient either.

You have to change the alert frequency level to very high if you want rules to be created based on IP, protocol, and port number.

That was it! Thanks