Relocating Sandbox's download Folder

Can I move the shared space download folder to another partition rather than cdrive?

You can choose any folder to act like the Shared Space but I don’t know you can replace it, I guess if you can change where the Shared Space shortcut points to then that’ll work.

The below should exclude a folder from being virtualized, so if you download something from lets say a sandboxed browser to the folder you specify in there, you will easily be able to retrieve it.

  • Open CIS main GUI.
  • Click “Tasks” in the top right, next to a green arrow.
  • Expand “Sandbox Tasks”
  • Click “Open Advanced Settings”
  • In the window that opens, look for the text “Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders” (check screenshot)
    [li]Click the blue part of the text, i.e “the specified files/folders”
  • In the new window you can right-click and then choose Add > Folders

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Thank you. :-TU


Is the download folder a seperate issue to the sandbox where little nasties buzz around? One family member who does a lot of varied downloads wants to know if “MY COMPUTER” is designated as the download area is the risk only from unpleasant download files and nothing to do with potential sandbox nasties?

By default the sandbox is in “C:\VTRoot”.

she saves to many folders in a couple of partitions apart from c: