Released! ESM 2.0 Business Edition is available for download now

Thanks to the efforts of our development team, product management team, customers and beta testers, we’re proud to announce that the 2.0 release of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition (2.0.41221.1) along with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security 5.9/2012 (5.9.2196) is available for immediate download.

For current ESM 1.6 users wanting to try ESM 2.0 in their environment separately or migrate to ESM 2.0, please read the corresponding instructions in the release notes for upgrading (found in the installation directory, typically C:\Program Files\COMODO\EndpointSecurityManager ).

ESM 2.0 BE lightweight installer (any required supplementary software products will be downloaded via your internet connection):

ESM 2.0 BE full installer (includes all supplementary software):

Comodo Internet Security 5.9/2012 32-bit:

Comodo Internet Security 5.9/2012 64-bit:

Select Typical when asked to choose the setup type to apply a free first-time-use license of 3 endpoints/1 year included in the download. Additional paid and free trial license options are available on the Comodo website at .

Once installed, log on to the Console using the administrator user ID and password of the system the ESM server software was installed on to begin using your software. Complete documentation can be found on Comodo Help online at Comodo Help .

Looking forward to your feedback to help us drive our efforts, and to welcoming you as a customer of ESM 2.0.

–Glen Marianko
Product Line Manager, Business Security Solutions

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nice job guys!

Thanks Glen :-TU


I’m newbie here, and i don’t speak well english, sorry for that.

May I ask that ESM can handle the free CIS application, or I have to buy the commercial CIS pro software?
(We are thinking about the change of our security product.)

ESM will allow you to handle, completely FREE, up to 3 PCs.
If you need to handle more PCs with ESM v2.0, you can purchase here directly from COMODO.

For now, their pricing is unbeatable. :o

Thanks a lot!
We tried the product (ESM). It’s very likely that we select it. I work in a hospital, we monitoring 100 machines. It’s very comfortable to manage from our office. But there’s a little problem:

I always get the “deployment error” message: cannot access target computer. When i manually install AgentSetup.exe onto the machines, i can see them on the dashboard, also can install CIS.

On the target machine:

  • Windows Firewall is turned off
  • IP is correct, i can acces it via RealVNC
  • File sharing enabled
  • In Win registry: forcedguest=0

The error message last line: status_bad_admin_netpath(53)

What can i do to get it work?

shan, from

Hi Shan,

It’s very pleasant to get your feedback. I can recommend you a simple test to check if there everything is okay with network security settings on the target computer. From machine where ESM server runs try to open the following address in Windows explorer: \targetendpoint\admin$

If network setings are OK then there should be no problems with deployment, otherwise some configuration was not set and the target OS does not allow ESM server to access remote share using the specified credentials.

Please tell us here test results.

P.S. By “targetendpoint” in the test address I meant actual target macnine’s name.

Do you also need the service ‘Remote Registry’ in a running state for this?

It’s only a remote share access test, there is no need to access target registry remoptely.

THx for reply, i tried it.
It is waiting for a password, for the guest user…

So ESM couldn’t access the machine, i guess…

Can you try the following command on a command-box:

net use * \\<servername>\c$ /user:DOMAIN\Administrator

If that works it will ask for the domain admins password and it should connect a free drive letter.
You can disconnect the mapping by typing

net use <driveletter> /del

replace with the letter it assigned on the previous command.

Only guest user? Have you tried to specify any target’s user with admin privilegies?

I tried it, with these parameters:
net use * \mp92\c$ /user:\shan
(shan user as administrator)

It worked. I’ve got the entire C drive of target pc mapped as Y on my pc. But ESM Can not acces (sorry: deploy, and update CIS)

Another problem: under packages (before “deployment progress”) CIS disappeared. I only got ESM Agent 2.0

Updated: I’ve installed ESM to a virgin pc, without the license typed in, and I’ve got 2 packages now…Agent, and CIS! Now I daren’t to set the license… :slight_smile:

Update 2: ESM is unable to deploy Agent (error code: 1222)
I installed agent in offline mode, then everything worked fine (CIS install, update)
The mapping command is working on every Pc-s.

Im having exactly the same issue.
I reported it here this week:;msg576540#msg576540

Is it because of running ESM 2.0 in Windows XP?

Shan, what about accessing \targetendpoint\admin$ share? Because accessing C:\ drive and admin$ share require quite different privilegies. And ESM uses only admin$ share to access remote PC.

Another problem: under packages (before "deployment progress") CIS disappeared. I only got ESM Agent 2.0

Hi Shan,

Concerning the mentioned license problem, it seems that the license you used didn’t have CIS as a product. There are licenses called “Console Only” that don’t allow to install CIS. You if you had such a lincese this explains why you saw only “ESM Agent 2.0” in the deployment wizard. You may check what license you have on the license screen in ESM Console. From the other hand when you installed ESM to a virgin PC without specifying a license, ESM was using the default license for 3 PCs that contained CIS as a product. So, you had both packages.

Update 2: ESM is unable to deploy Agent (error code: 1222) I installed agent in offline mode, then everything worked fine (CIS install, update) The mapping command is working on every Pc-s.

Shan, follow please the link given by w-a-v for any further discussions related to this issue. Here is the link:;msg576540#msg576540

Is this true, is ESM free for life in case I’m using it for my single home server?

Completely FREE for 3 PCs? Yes, it is true. Take a look here:

Look at the tab “License and Pricing Options”.
Under STANDARD LICENSE, it says there that “Software will activate a free 3-seat/1 year license on first-time use.”

Yes, I have read that statement several times but yet unsure while browsing these forums. Does it mean I can have ESM license free (on my home server which is 1 PC) for 1 year and then I have to buy it, or do I get it free for life?

Thanks for your reply.