Released! ESM 2.0 Business Edition is available for download now

(Updated 12/22/2011)
Dear Beta Tester,

Thanks to your efforts, we’re proud to announce that the 2.0 release of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition (2.0.41221.1) along with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security 5.9/2012 (5.9.2196) is available for immediate download.

For current ESM 1.6 users wanting to try ESM 2.0 in their environment separately or migrate to ESM 2.0, please read the corresponding instructions in the release notes for upgrading (found in the installation directory, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Endpoint Security Manager ).

ESM 2.0 BE lightweight installer (any required supplementary software products will be downloaded via your internet connection):

ESM 2.0 BE full installer (includes all supplementary software):

Comodo Internet Security 5.9/2012 32-bit:

Comodo Internet Security 5.9/2012 64-bit:

Your beta license will not activate this software. Select Typical when asked to choose the setup type to apply a free first-time-use license of 3 endpoints/1 year included in the download. Additional paid and free trial license options are available on the Comodo website at .

NOTE: If you are installing the release product on the same server machine as the beta, the free license in the software will not activate due to the presence of the old license. Please send us a private message if this is an issue for you. (Added 12/22/2011)

Once installed, log on to the Console using the administrator user ID and password of the system the ESM server software was installed on to begin using your software. Complete documentation can be found on Comodo Help online at Comodo Help .

The ESM development and product management team offers our sincerest thanks for your participation in our beta test program and looks forward to welcoming you as a customer of ESM 2.0.

–Glen Marianko
Product Line Manager, Business Security Solutions

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Congratulations guys!

Awesome work Team! ;D

Excellent work guys, welldone!

Very nice product on the market now… :-TU

:-TD :-TD :-TD

I am sorry to disturb your moods, but this release has really disappointed me.

I did some beta testing and reported some issues, none of them were resolved or at least addressed

and this is unfortunately the final version. No RC even.

I could not find a change log and I could not find any big changes after installing it either. ??? ??? ???

I have been waiting for this product for long, had many hopes of having it at different places, but,

for me, it is mostly a big toy with fancy looks, no where near any practical use (at least for me). :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :‘( :’( :cry:

Just to mention, summary of some of the issues raised during beta testing phase

  1. All Pages: Enter/Backspace not working, not much keyboard firendly.

  2. Credentials Page: Tab does not hightlight already present password. Again not keyboard firendly.

  3. Quarantine: Submit for analysis/Restore to a different place not available. Even bringing all the quarantined threats to a central location of Server would have been good.

  4. Policies:
    a. No way to know what is inside a policy directly from the console (eg. Archive scanning enabled/disabled, automatic cleaning enabled/disabled, cloud scanning enabled/disabled, trusted files, blocked files etc.). We can not even see from console as to why a particular application is giving an error (may be it is sandboxed or it is not tursted).
    b. Lot of work still needs to be done at client directly, console policies page is completely dumb, of no use at all.
    c. Policy delta does not show what changes have happened to the policy, instead it only shows some vague information.
    d. No way to change any item from console, we can only apply current policy on a test sytem, make required changes and re import it, then deploy it, what a round about process to achieve a simple task.
    e. What about AV exclusions, do they propagate across all the system where the policy is deployed or not ?

  5. AV Updates:
    a. There is no progress bar indicating the update progress.
    b. No offline update procedure (Push databases from server)mentioned as far as I know. Every time a client is updated, it is directly connecting to internet. Real waste of Bandwidth and does not make any sense in an ESM.
    c. AV update and Scans do not run separately, I have to wait until a full scan completes just to initiate AV updates.

  6. No offline activation procedure for CESM. Great down side for me, specially all the places where I wanted to implement CESM they do not have internet facility, excepting very few (just 2)

  7. CIS Deployment: I do mostly get the deployment failed message only on my VMs, tried all the given help, but could not still figure out why. (Network sharing was working fine). When I install CIS directly on client, install agent directly, it then shows up in the CESM server and connects without errors.

  8. More touch friendly, I agree, but, very annoying to a mouse user since I have to scroll through 10 pages and click 10 times to achieve a simple task which could have been in a single page, without any clutter.

  9. Logs of successful/ failed deployments or updates etc… are highly required, CESM logs not CIS logs I mean.

  10. CIS scans on clients: No indication either on client or on the server that a scheduled scan is going on, no progress bar and nothing. (I simply could not figure out why my client is so slow until I opened CESM console and saw that a scan was running on that system, what a pity ?)

Hope some one would come with any news on these issues.


Hello…anybody home ?

Please be patient as it’s the Holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years; main/popular ones).

Fine, Thank you. :slight_smile:

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year and What ever you would celebrate… ;D :a0 :a0 :a0

Anybody home ???

Yes, we’re home, the lights are on and we’re hard at work on a lot of great new capabilities for future releases of ESM. Thanks for offering your feedback. Once we have some news to deliver, you’ll see it posted in this forum.

I’m curious about one thing: your environment is not that of a typical customer if your installation sites don’t have Internet connections, especially considering that updating definitions, even “offline,” still requires an internet connection. Please messge me directly so we can discuss how you handle this. Thanks.

–Glen Marianko
Product Manager


Thanks for your kind response. I have sent you a PM regarding your question.

Hi Siva,

We are glad to inform you that with ESM 2.1 Beta, which was released yesterday, a number of issues you’ve mentioned, have been solved.

1. All Pages: Enter/Backspace not working, not much keyboard firendly.
Keyboard support has already been included partially in this beta version. We are going to announce this feature in the next release.
4. Policies:
Now it becomes possible to know what is inside a policy. Moreover, the user will be able to change a number of settings of each CIS components (Antivirus, Firewall and Defense+). This is our first step on the way of configuring CIS through policies (since we haven’t covered the complete set of CIS settings), but we are planning to extend it by adding a possibility to edit lists of trusted files, vendors and exclusions and also to cover the rest of the settings. These should become available in one of next releases.
5. AV Updates:
Progress indication for AV scan and update operations is already supported by ESM and will become available with the next CIS version, which is coming soon.

Antivirus updates caching proxy service has been included into this beta version. It is supposed to minimize Internet traffic and can be used for updating CIS endpoints without necessity to be connected to the Internet.

Please visit this link with the announcement for more details about this beta version:

As usual we will be glad to hear your feedback.


That’s a greeaaat news…

I am on vacation trip now…I will be back soon and join the team for testing.

Thanks again for the changes.