Release notification of ASG 2.5 - August 2015

Hi All,

We will be phasing in a new feature over the next ~48 hours whereby you will be able to define alerts based on the longevity of an email in your Delivery Queue, or on the count of emails in your Delivery Queue (see attached image as example). This alerting is configured from your Delivery Queue panel, just click the ‘Alerts’ button.

You will need to allow the alerting server to send you these alerts though, so please add [] to your firewall/transport rules if necessary. Note that this IP is not a member of the ASG filtering IP range, it is on a different machine on a different network for obvious reasons.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, this is a result of the “issues” we had a few weeks back and you would be partially correct. This is also a means to keep an eye on your mail-servers mail acceptance (even if it may not be our fault), so in a way it is useful as a complement to your existing monitoring solutions :slight_smile:

Keep calm & IT on.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Configured and tested.
Good move,


Unfortunately I have a message stuck in the queue and the delay alert triggers copious emails

I cannot delete the alert setup

I cannot delete the message in the queue

Looks like you need to refine the delete message function and also find a way to delete the alert process if no longer needed

By the way there was to be a local time adjustment incorporated into the system…can’t see it has happened as yet…any news

Many thanks

Hi brockie,

PM me the name of the domain the message is stuck in and I 'll get the guys to remove it from the back-end.

The time alignment thing-a-ma-bob will be in the October release. We pushed it back to code up the fix for the phantom message issue which has left a few stubborn ghosts floating around which need manual busting (see what I did there :)) and the delivery delay alerting system.

This month’s work relates to phase 1 of improving the malware detection subsystem for public delivery in Nov. or Dec., expanding on user’s report scheduling options, making it easier for users to report spam that made it through the filters, and adding the subject of the email visible in the quarantine release report for the admins.

Hoping to make this month’s toys available somewhere around the 29th but will keep you advised if you are sufficiently interested.

Keep calm and IT on,



Still no response

I pm’d you …one stuck email in the queue and emails daily re the problem and no way to reverse out of the notification process

As a work around, we changed the notification criteria to “over 10 messages in the queue” and that is working OK. I think I have decided that it is a better criteria anyway. We shall see after they get the “messages with no headers” problem worked out.
Edit: I think you can stop the alerts by un-checking both boxes.

“I think you can stop the alerts by un-checking both boxes.” is the correct answer. 10 points to the man in the green shirt :slight_smile: