Release notification 2016-02-10

Good day All,

We are delighted to inform you that the next upgrade to Comodo Antispam Gateway will be was made live on the 10th February. Please take a moment to review the changes, improvements and new features and how they will affect your domain(s).

In this release you will find:-

[ol]- By popular request, we have added ‘Days’ as an Archive auto-clean option. You are able to change the Archived mail retention criteria in your Domain Settings menu.

  • Also by special request, we have made enormous usability improvements to your domain’s rules creation. The menu item currently titled ‘Whitelist/Blacklist’ has been renamed ‘Domain rules’. Within this menu is a new rule category titled ‘TLD & gTLD rules’ whereby you can choose which Top Level Domains (TLD) and generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) you wish to receive email from. By default we are releasing this new feature with all the listed domains allowed to send you email but either by unchecking each domain or unchecking the domain category you will be able to define accepted domains within a matter of a minute or two. Please feel free to define your own blocked domains too by clicking the Add button, choosing which category the domain belongs to, and then entering the domain suffix.

  • Improved detection of macros hidden in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents. Our team of engineers have figured out a method of ‘seeing’ macros embedded in MS Office and PDF documents so that, instead of your users receiving these emails and infecting their computers by enabling macros in MS Word for example, we will now be sending those attachments to quarantine. Erring on the side of caution as you’d expect, there may be one or two legitimate documents being sent to quarantine but as per point 4 below, we figured this might happen and have added a function to your ‘Create rule’ feature. Please note that any users with Power User privileges will still be able to release these emails/attachments from quarantine but we are adding a new permission into your Users & Groups permission sets to mitigate against ‘accidental’ release of infected attachments.

  • New ‘Malware attachment’ rules in your domain’s ‘Create Rule’ menu when you click on the Add button. The checkbox for ‘Suspicious attachment rule’ applies a blacklist, whitelist or auto-forward rule to any email attachments, such as those pesky Word documents containing macro-infectors. The attachment can thus be rejected (blacklist), accepted unconditionally (whitelist) in the cases where you want to receive files containing macros if sent to specific users from specific senders or the attachment can be auto-forwarded to the admin for closer inspection.

  • Downloading of attachments by the administrator for inspection. As per the above, the domain administrator can now download an attachment sent to a user to verify that the attached file is not harmful.

  • Again by special request, your user’s quarantine console will now display the quarantined items for your users and their aliases. A checkbox on the user’s quarantine console, ‘Show all aliases’, will list all quarantined emails and the username/alias the email was sent to. We expect to add these alias’s quarantined email to your quarantine reports in the next release.

  • We have also been busy setting up the new U.S.A. instance of Antispam Gateway. We expect to be able to offer you a choice of which datacenter you’d like your emails filtered in and stored in sometime in the next 6 to 8 weeks.[/ol]

That’s it for this one, we hope these assist you in your arduous mail-management tasks and as always,

Keep calm and IT on :slight_smile: