Release notes for CIS premium V12.x branch

I’ve searched for the release notes of the CIS premium V12.x branch but was not successful in finding them. I only found release notes for older versions V10.x and below.

Where can the release notes be found for the whole V12.x branch?

Thank you.

I have this link bookmarked, but it seems it isn’t updated much.

This one include latest version

??? this gives the impression that we are still on V12.2.2.7036_Beta ?

Is this true?

Any explanation from Comodo Staff perhaps?

The RC has become the final release. A very common practice among software developers.

Just to note not all changes and fixes are ever mentioned in release notes.

Release notes update.

Non viene piu’ aggiornato per le nuove versioni?

Yes it is.

Release notes update.

It’s good to see a complete list now but the last entry was not there when I checked yesterday.
EDIT: I see that other link is still missing 8012. These urls are too specific. There should be something like “”. And no matter when you use it, it will show everything posted up until that date.

It always has been like that. It won’t change I’m afraid.

Sort of on topic
Here’s the CIS version 12.2 manual. The CIS Manual will compliment the release notes.

Sooo, what’s the difference between these pages:

Aside from the obvious URL differences, the on page titles are exactly the same “Comodo Internet Security Release Notes.”

As you can see the content on both pages is different, unfortunately.

It seems Comodo updates the url of the release notes with each release. I have no idea why they would do that.

Do you know where CIS Pro v12.2.3.8026 release notes can be found?

I know you have asked in a few places and I even asked in PM to C.O.M.O.D.O RT but there aren’t any release notes according to them. The only changes I can see is the UI changes to name. Have you discovered any yourself?

Releasing new versions without supplying release notes or a history of changes is most unusual. In code development it is common practice to keep track of any code changes and code developers certainly must have that kind of information available to produce release notes or a history of changes from. It doesn’t sound very professional from Comodo when they say that they don’t have any release notes or a history of changes available.

I cannot discover any changes in function between CIS Premium 8012 and CIS Pro 8026 myself because I did not install CIS Pro 8026 (no FW only install option possible as you know).

However I investigated the CIS premium 8012 and the CIS Pro 8026 msi setup files inside the installer exe packages and surprisingly enough the file size of those msi files are identical between CIS Premium 8012 and CIS Pro 8026, is that a coincidence or not?
I think it is no coincidence, both releases CIS premium 8012 and CIS Pro 8026 are one and the same (apart from the version numbering and product naming).

Name: cis_setup_x64.msi
Size: 137,928,704 bytes

Name: cis_setup_x86.msi
Size: 116,477,952 bytes