Release 3.12 issues

I downloaded release 3.13.11745.560 via Comodo Updater over the weekend. Update went OK as far as I can tell.

Yesterday I noticed over a million page faults per XP SP3 task manager for jqs.exe aka Java Quick Start. Didn’t like that, so I disabled it via the Java console. Today I turn on my PC and I notice the Comodo task bar icon has a red slash through it. I check out Comodo and all seems fine. I run Comodo diagnostics and it says all is OK. Humm … So, I reenable jqs.exe in Java and reboot. Now the icon displays OK with no red slash. I conclude that all those fancy Comodo icon animations are controlled via jqs.exe? Anyway around this?

Second issue is why is there an entry in Appinit.Dlls for guard32.dll? MS doesn’t recommend use of Appinit.Dlls. There was no entry there for guard32.dll in the initial Comodo 3.9 release I installed.

What version of Java are you using? The icon animations are not controlled by Java. Can you try disabling/enabling jqs.exe two more times to be sure?

Hey DonZ, For as long as I can remember (Early 3.0.something) there has always been a relation to gaurd32.dll, It’s not something new.

As for JQS it sounds like it may just be a coincidense…
Start → run → msconfig → Start up. Untick JQS
Start → Run → services.msc. Disable JQS
^- Thats personally what I do as I’ve noticed JQS uses a little to many resources for my liking ;D

Perhaps a reinstall may be needed, Also make sure there are no other conflicting software.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reponse guys!

I am running the latest version of JAVA, 6.15.

I will try try Kyle’s technique for disabling jqs.exe versus just turning it off via the JAVA console/miscellaneous option. Jqs.exe was up to over a million page faults again last night in nothing flat. I am a bit concerned about that.

I am still puzzeled as to why ver. 3.9 diid not have guard32.dll present in appinit and 3.12 does. Was it supposed to be there in 3.9? I ask this because I have just recovered (I hope!) from a bad ADS infection and wonder if the bad guy actually removed the guard32.dll from appinit in my prior Comodo version? I know Trojans can hide unseen in appinit.