Relakks (proxy)

Hello, I have had problems for months to connect to my Proxy Relakks ( ), this is probably the biggest proxy service in the world, so it is in big interest to get this to work. The only thing I have found is this, poorly translated to English from Italian. I have tried these instructions, but I have not got it to work, either the translation is wrong, or I did something wrong, cause according to the site, this should work.

some info I know about Relakks:

Port: 1723
Protocol: GRE (47)
The ip range in the url above, I cannot confirm, but it might be correct…

It must be something fundamentally wrong with this firewall, why should it be so complex to allow certain traffic ?
Why can’t VPN traffic and rules be set in “learning mode”, instead of have to set all these complex rules yourself , that do not even make sense, you set rules that you do not even know what they mean ? and you should still feel safe with it ?
The Firewall should handle this, it is too easy for the “human factor” to set wrong settings, that may get catastrophically consequences.

up :slight_smile:

It seems I am able to “connect” the the VPN server, but when the server trying to verify username and password, it gives me “error 619”. Maybe this authenticating process, need some more rules to work ?

I’m not familiar with it, but the most important task for you is:
1-Try to use the service normally
2-Check the logs as you go to see what’s blocked.

If you need help, post the logs here, omiting your ip etc.

I think I have done some progress now since last time, I seem to get some kind of response from the server now at least unlike before, the dial up begins “verify user name and password”, but then it fails and gives me “ERROR 619”

Does anyone have a clue what this is about ?
Do this verification process need an specif rule to pass this ?
Seems like it…

BTW you cannot set port number in CFP if you connect with GRE protocol, only source and destination address, if you can try to paste here what are your current ruleset for this service


I have added Relakks to “my netowork zones” with the following info.

IP Range: to

In “Global Rules” I have added this rule: Allow IP IN/OUT From In [Relakks Zone) TO IP ANY Where Protocol is 47.

Try to view active connections from CFP on connection attempt maybe something is denied to connect from application rules e.g. svchost or something else, try to see logs, everything which is blocked should be logged by default…

Also you are missing some of TCP rules on that site…

I did temporary allow logging and looked in “firewall events” nothings seems to be blocked here.
However…this is the error I get when I am trying to login into the VPN
Can any one explain if this might solve any problem ? (I get error 619)


Are you using latest version (3.0.17) of CF now?

Does VPN work properly with firewall disabled (click on icon in tray->firewall->disabled)?

If so, make sure Windows service “Terminal Services” is not disabled.

Export your current configuration (Miscellaneous tab).
Set firewall to custom policy mode.

Delete all global rules. Add “Windows Operating System” to application rules (if it is not already there): add->select->running processes.

In application rules for “System” set this rule: allow&log/ip/in-out/any/any/any.
Set same rule for “Windows Operating System”.

Does VPN work properly in this case? If so what are corresponding log entries?

Hello, I did update to the latest version, and it seems like train mode, did detect something…now it even works in “custom policy mode” too…I am very happy now :smiley: