reinstalling comodo firewall v3 problem

hello i uninstalled comodo firewall v3 to try another firewall,now i want to reinstall comodo firewall v3 but it says delete shortcuts first?
i have deleted eveything i could see saying comodo and i have done the same using regedit so can anyone please tell me how to reinstall please.
thank you.

Take a look at for detailed uninstallation instructions. Did you download the complete version of from When you try to install it, what is the exact error message you get and when do you get it. Are you using XP SP2 or Vista?

ok now thanks for youre help

Again, the how to uninstall instructions referenced above are pretty complete. There is a link there to an automatic uninstaller that works for most people. Did you uninstall through the normal Windows remove programs process? What error message did you get that caused you to do an uninstall? Are you running XP SP2 or Vista? Did you use the CFP3 version referenced above?

I have a Vista.
The errors kept coming.
So I search it, and just deleted the files and folders.
and yes its CFP3 version.

If you just deleted the files and folders, you can go to control panel/programs and features and see if Comodo is still listed there, and try to uninstall it. If that doesn’ work, try the uninstaller in the thread above. If you were getting lots of errors, were they actually questions about what you wanted to do about some programs? In some modes, Comodo will bombard you about your resident software in order to learn about your configuration. If you were just getting lots of popups, right click on the Comodo icon and switch both Defense+ and Firewall security levels to training mode to cut out most of the popups. If they were other error messages, just let us know what they say and someone here can probably help you.