Reinstalling CIS after motherboard Replacement


I am a Comodo reseller. I have a customer who needs a new motherboard, followed by a reinstallation of Windows. I sold her a Comodo CIS 1 year license a few months ago. It is installed on this machine and 2 others. When I replace the motherboard and reinstall Windows, what do I need to do to reinstall and activate Comodo CIS on the machine?


I cannot comment on the licensing question as I am not familiar with it/

However a motherboard swap does not require a fresh installation of Windows when following this tutorial at Ars Technica: How to install a new motherboard without reinstalling Windows | Ars Technica . I have used it successfully on my triple boot system (runs XP, Vista and Win 7)

Thanks for the input. However, the customer wants a fresh install. I’m just concerned with the licensing issue.