I decided to uninstall and reinstall since I ■■■■■■■ up some settings and could not remember the previous settings. I noticed in Alert settings (Firewall), the slider was on Low. I could have sworn that it was set to Medium before I reinstall. I decided to move it to Medium. I figured it would not hurt.

In reading the forum, I discovered that Connection gateway is not supposed to be checked, but it was checked by default. I am a normal user with one pc. I really hated having to reinstall, I had everything set and now I don’t know what my setting were. I know I am overthing it. The default setting are probably sufficient to protect me.

CIS has the ability to export your settings incase a reinstall is ever needed (for example, in your situation it would have come in handy).

Miscellaneous > Manage My Configurations > Export > Select your current configuration and save the file. After an install, Miscellaneous > Manage My Configurations > Import > Select your saved file.

The new default level for firewall alerts is “Low” (I guess this is part of COMODO’s approach to a less intrusive security application. Setting it to “Medium” is fine. :slight_smile:

As with the Internet Connection Gateway, it is fine to uncheck it if your PC is not an ICS Server, but leaving it checked does not decrease your security. The reason it is checked by default is:

“Note: If your computer is indeed an ICS server but you leave this box unchecked then you are likely to see an increase in Firewall alerts. Selecting this checkbox does not decrease the security but tells the firewall to handle ICS requests too. So it just activates some additional functionality and helps reduce the number of alerts.”