Reinstalled windows 10 on main HD - reinstalled CB and now asking for a password


I need some urgent help. I have been backing up my clients projects with Comodo Backup to a storage disk in my computer. I have a SSD with windows 10 and 2TB for files. I saved the backups to the 2TB disk. I then reinstalled windows and installed CB and it now asks for a password when trying to mount the backup!
I have client projects in there and need them urgently … is there anything i can do?

please help asap as i am goiung loose 100’s hours of programming to this product.

Please help

Thanks Daniel

EDIT: the backup is in .zip file format… it is 4GB in size…

Sorry for the late reply, but were you able to get this figured out?

There does not seem to be any support for Comodo Backup or cCloud anymore. I have had a support ticket open with Comodo for cCloud for over a month with no response to it.