Reinstalled Comodo --> windows update error


Hello there…!
First I have to say I appreciate this firewall very much, installed at a recommendation of a friend.
I ran a lot of tests (15, 17 - don’t know how many) with it and I was very pleased. After almost a year of use, I had to relocate myself and thus my pc. Since I was going to share my pc with my roommates I thought I should unnistal Comodo to rebuild from 0 all the rules and tighten things a bit.
Therefore I did it. Now after the new installation I can’t update at MS website, upload a file on yahoo messenger, my utorrent doesn’t work either.
I repeat before uninstall windows update worked fine (well i had a pb with svchost.exe going 100%CPU - not Comodo’s fault ), uttorent as well etc… No conflicts with my KAV6, Defender &stuff.
Now after reinstall a lot of pb:windows update, install improperly, utorent doesn’t download or upload.

  • I have read the other threads regarding this issue and tried all the things specified there;
  • installed and uninstalled 4 times ==> same issues;
  • I also installed it with all other aplications disabled;
  • home I had cable/modem 256 kb/s
  • now I have PPOE broadband with 1 Mb/s: my webpages sometimes “freeze” when loading, I experience sloe connection;
  • on I can’t test my upload speed;
  • every time after I uninstalled it I did clean my registry files; WU works then…
  • doesn’t work WU with “Allow all”;

My questions

  • something “interacts” badly with Comodo ? and what may be? I repeat I had no conflits with KAV6 before
  • do I need a new fresh copy of WinXP ? (don’t wanna do that); after installing Xp I always install first Comdo, then at end of all my oher apllications install I install KAV6. Could this be the pb?

Please help me! I really need this firewall to work as it before

I know I’ve made a stupid action by unistalling it…