reindexing the data

I’m having a problem with CTM. This morning i started up my pc, and it gives my the screen where it says ‘reindexing the data’. At 52% it crashes and the pc restarts, getting back to the ‘reindexing screen’. Is there anyway to stop this reindexing?

Windows 7 ultimate, 64bit
P4, 3,2Ghz, 4gig ram.
Don’t know which version i got from CTM, probably a older version…

(sorry for the bad english…)

Hmmm… re-indexing loop seems a major bug that must be addressed asap!

Hi webbie146,

Thank you for your feedback.You can try to press “HOME” key enter sub-system to resore system. And please install the lasted release and the link as follows:

But brad007, the reindexing starts automatically, clicking Home key or not… You can’t bypass it… that’s the problem.

oke, thanks for the response. I’m gonna try that