Registry & Services getting corrupt/missing

Greetings, I am Goekhan from Turkey, and I love Comodo Firewall. But some strange things started to happen lately. Until then, my PC was completely OK for 4 months (not counting last month), but I HAD to reinstall Vista 2 times last month, and had to recover my PC 2 times last 2 days.

I am using Vista Ultimate (32bit) and it was running fine until something happened. I started to get errors on start-up that was telling me Registry is corrupt and Windows failed to start. Though it was starting sometimes, but with Services destroyed or being unable to be found. So in short, I wasn’t having internet connection, because depended services were missing.

And, yesterday, (I also have Phenom 9600, so on some games getting Cold Boots) my Vista completely ruined, but in a different way. I wasn’t even able to see the loading screen of Vista (?!?). Then I inserted my Vista CD and tried to save my installation, but it wasn’t able to either. But, strangely I was able to boot on Safe mode or try to boot on normal mode to see a BSOD caused by “inspect.sys”.

So, I took a little bit deeper look on my PC and saw that inspect.sys is a file for Comodo. I renamed it, restarted, but got the same error. Then I uninstalled CPF completely, and system was stable again. Weird for me, because all inspect.sys errors that I’ve seen was mostly related to 2.0

Then I saw that there’s a new version, 3.5, so I downloaded it. This time, no registry errors but again, missing services. I rerolled my system via System Restore to before Comodo 3.5 (installer itself creates a restore point I guess), and now I’m back in business without CPF again, unfortunately…

I really have no idea what was happening, but I simply cannot use CPF now, tried on a fresh Vista too, and result is the same… I have minidumps for that inspect.sys BSOD, but as it was for 3.0, no need to post. But I cannot use 3.5 now neither.

If anyone experiencing same, and would like to help me, please enlighten me. I really love CPF, but I simply cannot use it… Any help appreciated, and thanks!