registry entry

i found this ’ hsari3jndsbfi73.dll ’ in my registry, i was curious so i googled it and suspect it to be a trojan.
when i returned to reg editor a minute later the entry was no longer there ??? ive searched my registry, hdd, and CIS logs and can no longer find it.

what should i do next? all scans report a clean pc.

Malware registry entries are just harmless, dead keys once the malware file (in this case, ‘hsari3jndsbfi73.dll’) that it was pointing to has been removed. What scanners have you used?

i have used sas, mbam, hijackthis +cis and am currently scanning with housecall.
what concerns me most is that the entry ‘disappeared’, i would have deleted the entry but i can no longer find it.

Possibly Run Comodo’s Registry Cleaner.

This could help…


i did a ‘power clean’ , comodo system cleaner

if all those scanners came up clean, i’d say you’re fine.

He is fine, just wanted to see if running a registry cleaner would help


thanks for your time, but, if i could possibly borrow a little more,
we accept that the reg entry was real and not a halucination, why couldnt i re-find it?
if we take the reg entry as proof of, or a remenant of trojan why is it not in any logs?

its like an unsolved puzzle and i hate those.