registry cleaning tools

hi all (:WAV)
currently i’m using regcleaner 4.2 (jouni vuorio) and Glarysoft registry cleaner to clean up my registry.
i wanna know why after scanning with one of it, i can still find unuseful registry entry with the other one? i’ve even tried using 3 registry cleaning tool!, and it seems the 3 of them don’t clean the same registry.any suggestion what registry cleaning tool should i have (FREE one ofcourse ;D)?



CCleaner is one of the safer ones. RegSeeker is one of the more dangerous ones, but it also means it’s powerful. I use both as both are free and small.

Edit: I also use RegCleaner, which is a few years old before it became paid. If you clean using the above two, then this one is almost useless. I like to keep it because it shows a general list of the Software registry keys.

That regcleaner is nice, but (if I remember correctly) it doesn’t find an awful lot. Or does it?

A few alternatives:

MV Regclean

Has anyone used Registry Mechanic? If so, what are your thoughts on this program?

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I just did a search for Registry Mechanic…

I don’t think that one is free.

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Folks: I have to move this thread to the Off-Topic board because we’re dealing with particular vendor names (contradicting this board name) and registry cleaners aren’t exactly security products.


I have a subscription to it.

1 hour :o. Even an AV scanner shouldn’t take that long (unless you have hundreds of thousands of files).

Is RegCleaner free? No one has used Privacy Guardian? Am I still posting in the wrong place?

One hour? That’s about the time my antivirus needs for a thorough scan for both my HDD’s!

Now about registry cleaners, CCleaner is good.
Also, Advanced Windows Care(Personal edition is free) is pretty good and it also removes privacy traces and blocks malware and tracking cookies.

Here you can read about it:

or if you just want to download it:


Yes. I havent. No.

I like CCleaner a lot! It finds things that my paid version of Privacy Guardian doesn’t. But it does scare me, I am always afraid I will take something off that should be there, especially the Active X stuff…there are a lot of those that I don’t even know what they are!

hi, both software i used isn’t free, but it’s ILLEGAL! ;D, got a copy from my friend.
btw thx guys, i’ve installed ccleaner & regseeker.

yeah, 1 HOUR!,(i checked all the option, e.g. deep registry cleaning, and so on) and my computer seem to be freezing, it was normal (before scanning an alert shows up and tell that “freezing thing” is normal).the installer cd cover said “AWARD WINNING” regvac, i guess it’s got an award as slowest registry cleaner

A few other programs I use for cleaning the registry Besides the latest CCleaner are:

EasyCleaner by Toni Arts Does more than registry Cleaning.
jv16 PowerTools The last Free working version before it went Commercial
(I use the Reg Find feature)

also have regcleaneer and Tweaknow RegCleaner Std but rarely use them

For those using XP don’t forget the FREE Online scan at Windows.Live.Safety for Registry errors Temp Files Malware etc.

Always be cautious when deleting registry keys many are necessary for more than one function. Delete the wrong one and you might find yourself reinstalling XP.

For General File cleaning I use besides EasyCleaner

ATF-Cleaner Run it several times usually around 7 in a row
MRU Blaster
and UPH Clean

Oh don’t forget to use in the Control Panel Internet Options and Delete (again be careful)
and right clicking on C (or your primary drive letter) drive choosing properties and DiskCleanup
If you know everything is working okay at the top choose Other, and go to the bottom selection it will allow you to delete all but the latest restore settings in XP.
I have Never used any of the other selections.


That’s why you always should create a registry backup before performing registry cleaning.


hi guys, i’ve just installed Ccleaner & i have 4 registry cleaning tool. the problem is, all of them (except the jouni vuorio regcleaner) still catch different registry entry, any suggestion what should i keep from 4 below :
c)glary utilities (glarysoft regcleaner)
d)jouni vuorio’s registrycleaner

or someone knows a SUPER DUPER CLEANER that can get the job done perfectly. my concern of using a regcleaner is to clean up any residual from uninstalling a program.coz i’ve done install/uninstall lots of time.


To the best of my knowledge there is no cleaner that makes all the others superfluous.

You should definitely try WiseRegistryCleaner as well. It finds a lot of invalid entries (that others miss?!)

If there was such a cleaner that outclasses every other than we would’ve taken it already (:TNG)

IMO, the best cleaner isn’t really a cleaner, but an uninstaller: Zsoft Uninstaller. It’s also free and small, but to be effective you must apply it before you install a program. It catches 99% of all related registry keys.

i’ll get that Zsoft. and any suggestion what should i choose from these 4 regcleaner i have?

I think my first reply on this thread already answers it because that’s all I use and I don’t know about the others:

Be careful about RegSeeker, though. Better make sure to analyze your computer after you remove keys that you aren’t sure.

I just tried Windows.Live.Safety scanner after just using CCleaner last night (and it found nothing) but found 247 Registry items and 9.4 MB of temp. internet files. Hey maybe Comodo could make a Registry cleaner? :o