Registry Cleaner showing 'invisible' issues

Can somebody explain to me why this occurs? Sometimes, when I do an in-depth registry clean, it will show I have registry issues but they won’t be shown in the expanded view when I view the details. Please refer to the following screen shot compilation to see what I am talking about.

This has happened in the past and seems that if I do an uninstall and reinstall the hidden issues/false positives disappear.

I am running XP Pro (still), SP3, with AVAST running at the same time. CCleaner does not find the issues.

You dont need to clean your registry.
It will cause more harm than good and the benefits are unnoticeable.
All you need is a good defrag tool and a temp files cleaner.
These “registry cleaners” are just junk themselves. >:-D

Not always true.

Sometimes it’s necessary to clean your registry. These can include times in which an old registry key, such as one from a previous security application, is interfering with your current programs. Thus a registry cleaner can solve those sort of problems.

Registry cleaners definitely still have an important role to play.

Which cleaners would you suggest?
Safe and proven ones. >:-D

Eusing and CCleaner

What about Wise Registry Cleaner (+Portable)? Is has its safe settings on by default.

I’ve actually had good luck with CSU.

Eusing and Auslogics registry cleaners.

“Good luck”
Yeah, it would have to be good luck with CSU.