Registry Cleaner destroyed my System

I used the latest version of the System Cleaner on Win7 32. Here I ran the Registry Cleaner. What followed were endless sudden system shutdowns with blue screens (different messages like BAD_POOL_CALLER, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT). NEVER had this problem before. ???

Next I tried to find a backup file of the CIC to undo the changes - I could not find any. ???

Next I tried to uninstall this software with the Windows uninstaller. What I saw was that many install dates have been changed to the date when the System Cleaner was installed. ???

The only thing that helped me now was to restore a partition backup. If you don’t have one I guess you have lost your system. :-TD

I had to restore my Windows 7 32 system too. But worse: The restored system crashed due to CFRMD.sys during the IPL process. By starting in secure mode I could analyze the crashdump with windbg and found the involved Comodo Sysystem Cleaner driver as the reason for that crash. So I deinstalled CSC in the secure mode of Windows. After that the restored system works properly. My restored system was up to date with all components on August 23, 2011.

Thats bad. You should contact a developer for that.