Registry Cleaner asks for Filter Entries

I ran the Registry Cleaner once and it worked great. Now I am trying to run it again by clicking on the Scan My Registry button under the main page. That switches it to the optimize section and gives the message “No value is added in “Filter Entries”. Please add at least one value.” ??? At this point I have no idea what to do. I’m just trying to run a complete registry scan. HELP.

Thank you!

I presume you have the build and not a beta version.

In the Optimize window just untick the last entry ‘Filter Entries’ and press ‘Start Scan’

This should solve your problem.

Hpefully, you have gone through the forum. Yet, I remind you not to tick the ‘unsafe registry entries’ (the entries shown under this head) when the list of registry entries are shown, if you are not actually not very much aware of registry entries.

Thank you, that fixed it! :■■■■


U r welcome