registration email links

i know that this may not be of highest priority but
links such as Comodo Unite for Strong Encryption Software Security will not work, from the registration emails.

i would greatly enjoy if the issue were to be fixed since i dont feel that it was broken on purpose given the nature of the message it displays

if others wish to attempt to create an account for the purpose of confirming this error themselves, accounts may be created at without downloading the program.

thanks in advance

I have the same problem.
I must register an account before I can use comodo unite, and I cannot finish the verification step because it brings me to the same error page.

unsure if this would help this issue reach resolution faster but there indeed still are people being effected by this, though they are all posting in the unite forum even though this is a website issue.

hopefully someone can run by and let us know if this is potentially going to be fixed in the near future

It’d be real nice if this problem got fixed soon…
I somehow doubt that this is a problem so difficult to fix that it would apparently require over a week to fix, looking at the help forum.
Which as patchy notes, is clearly a website issue and not an issue with the program.

What product are you trying to register?

this is for comodo unite, the issue does still persist

It looks like there is problem with registration for Unite when checking the Unite board. The program is discontinued; may be the registration has stopped…

id like to think that the registration would end in a more definitive way than a ssl error
perhaps a ‘no more accounts can be registered’ message

that said the program is still fully functional and all the servers hosted on this end are working
the only thing which is stopping new users is this one message which likely was broken by accident due to the error message

i cant imagine someone would think a message which brings the backend of the site forwards would be a good way to do things
so therefore one way or another there is an issue with the website in this case

is there any chance of an update on this matter? if it is or isnt going to be looked at or something equivalent?

currently we are still hopeful that this has been added to some cue of work to be done on the website or something equivalent but knowing forsure would be quite helpful.

Comodo Unite is a discontinued product and apparently it is no longer possible to register on the web site. The Help board of Unite is full of complaints.

I asked, Szazmetu, a long term user of Unite:

yes i understood this much but is the website error something that will be fixed?
the program itself is still fully functional and the servers related to it are still running so i assumed it was just nolonger going to recieve updates

i was hoping that the registration links were broken in error and that they would therefore be fixed.

im still hopeful however, this doesnt seem like a purposeful ending of registration.

so where does this topic stand now, is it possible to receive an update on how this is being looked into?
there has till been no action 40 days later; perhaps is this the wrong forum to post about such an issue?