Register for free licence [Resolved]

Do I have to remove BOClean and reinstall to get the Free Licence or will it be sent to my email address instead?

You are prompted to enter an email address when 4.23 is installed, the licensing is sent to that address.

And it has been advised to uninstall 4.22 prior to installing 4.23, as they have different install locations (there may have been some other reasons, too, but that’s what I remember off the top of my head).


Thanks LM, it would help if I read the whole question wouldn’t it?

Hi all ;D

Been going around to all the old haunts (Wilders, Gladiators, ect…) over the last few days trying to find out why AEC.SYS got nuked on my systems and couldn’t find any current BOC info so after a bit of digging I’ve just come to find you here today.

So… here I am !!! (:WAV)
Long time user of BOClean, IEClean / Vacpack, ect… somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years or so.

I’m wondering what will happen to us long term customers in the future now that BOC has been “branded” Comodo I see this word FREE being tagged all over the place and I doubt it’s going to remain to be free forever (it never was before).

So my question is: will us paid customers continue to receive the paid/registered version upgrades as in the past?

BOClean has been my absolute favorite security app ever since the first day I installed it !!!
Kevin and Nancy are the GREATEST !!! (:CLP)


Hey tech-addict and welcome to the forums.

CBO (Comodo BOClean) is free. It was yesterday and it will be tomorrow. As it their firewall, their anti virus, their backup utility, their web verification tool. They are free. For life. Forever.

Yes, it’s hard to believe. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

The reason that BOClean wasn’t free before but is now is the simple fact that the ownership of the application has changed and the new owners can afford to release it as freeware. Kevin and Nancy never could afford to do that as it was thier bread and butter. Comodo have other revenue streams that they rely on, other than their desktop security software.

Kevin did a fantastic job in the coding and Nancy (and Kevin) did a fantastic job of supporting users. But … times and circumstances change and they have done just that. Nancy is no longer involved in the devlopment, promotion or support of BOClean. Hopefully she is enjoying a few well-earned years of rest.

I believe that the updates pushed to registered/paid users are the same updates pushed to the freeware version, just from a different source (and I believe these will be aggregated in the future).

The good news is - BOClean is still one of the very best. Kevin wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi panic,

Thank You for the reply / information !!!

I’ve took a deeper look into COMODO and I’m a very savvy tech that likes to stay on top of the ever changing internet / PC security landscape, so thanks to Kevin it looks like I too have found a new home for my security needs.

I’ve literally turned 1000’s of people on to PSC / BOC over the years (I was singing their praises way back when TDS was what everybody thought to be the best).

Well look who’s still standing !!! :BNC

So… I’m now officially on the COMODO bandwagon and will start referring everyone here.

Have a great weekend. (R)

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