regcure and paretologic. some people may or may not that regcure and other products from a company called paretologic are considered dangerous programs to use and are considered scareware even to the point of rogueware.Now i dont myself know a lot about paretologic.But what i do find curious is the fact that paretologic inc are in the trusted vendors list within considering what i have just said ,can this company really be trusted or have i overlooked something?? Many thanks. :P0l !ot!

Two things… did you really mean to post this here (Defense+ / Sandbox Help - CIS)? And links/sources please. Thanks.

PS What is the “trusted vendors list within comodo”? Thanks.

PPS I moved your topic here because Melih can investigate this issue if necessary. Thanks.

some food for thought:

it seems to me that most known and trusted companies list it as safe, only individuals say they have things against them.

hi.yes,sorry i meant to say the my trusted software vendors new to this forum so please forgive me for placing my topic in first thought was the trusted software vendors is in defence+ section of comodo.i just thought people would like to know what i had wot rates it red and the majority of reviews i have seen on this product have not been good.but as i said i dont know much about paretologic.i was merely pointing out something which i thought the comodo forum should be aware of.and certainly the majority of videos and reviews of this program suggests it is harmful.personally i only use ccleaner.And also there must be an awful lot of individuals who have had a bad experience with this for the wot rating to be red. All the best and thank you. :P0l

hi.i notice that one of those links says it is dangerous and also the paretologic website has a red wot rating.the real threat with the program is what it proposes to remove from your computer!.there are an awful lot of firefox users in this world who no doubt have the web of trust that is a massive amount of “individuals!” who will steer clear of it…again im only pointing out something which is blatantly clear.and it is the peoples trust which lines the very foundation of any reputable company.its a fact of life unfortunately…thank you. :comodorocks: