Regarding the prompt window (new rule creation + terminate process)

Two feature requests, regarding the alert dialog that pops up when CPF blocks system activity.

  1. Include a “Create New Rule” button. Upon clicking it, the user would be shown a window where he/she can create a new rule for the program corresponding to the flagged activity. This would be similar to Winpooch’s function.

The “remember answer” checkbox is inadequate in certain situations. For example, a program wants to write to every file in a certain folder, say, c:\test. If that folder contains many files, the user would be forced to click allow or deny for every file, even if the remember answer checkbox was ticked. If a create new rule option was included, however, the user can use it to directly create a new rule to allow or deny access to c:\test*.* and save all the hassle.

  1. Include an option to terminate the offending parent process. I think this is fairly self-explanatory, and seen in many other HIPS programs nowadays.