Regarding PC Tuneup

I’m not entirely sure if this is the right place to put this post, but there’s no sub forum for PC Tuneup, so here goes.

I’m a paid subscriber of PC Tuneup. I’m still not entirely sure if this product is actually working or not. It doesn’t repair all of the problems and constantly tells me that my PC’s health is bad, even after a Geek Buddy Technician gets involved. Also, I haven’t noticed an update since I first bought the program. Can you tell me if there’s something I’m doing wrong? I tried to reach out to a Geek Buddy technician and waited over ten minutes.

I assume that they have more urgent items to address than a confused PC Tuneup customer, which I totally understand. However, I want to express my disappointment in this paid product. I like to support Comodo and always purchase the paid version of the programs I use if one is available. What bothers me is the apparent lack of engagement in this product. There’s no sub forum (after almost a full year) and when I ask Geek Buddy Technicians for guidance, they come off as confused.

If there aren’t going to be any further updates or improvements to this program, I understand. However, I’d like to hear something from the Comodo staff about this. Any information, even if it’s not what I want to hear, is better than no information at all. I have 178 days left on my license, and I’d like to know if this product will be around when it expires.